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The latest courses that Kay has completed.

Further Learning

Due to covid and the two years of not working like so many others I decided to brush up on some courses. One I have done previously and others that I was interested in but have never done before. I am happy to say they bare now all completed and I enjoyed each and everyone of them for different reasons.

Please read each one and if you have any questions about my courses please let me know!

Canine First Aid Diploma

I have done a practical course previously but decided to do another online

with details coursework to refresh. The topics included are as follows:-

  1. First Aid Equipment and Risk Assessment
  2. Assessing and moving a injured dog
  3. Minor injuries and bandaging.
  4. Choking,
  5. Heat exhaustion and hypothermia
  6. Skin wounds.
  7. Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
  8. Accidents and Emergencies

Pet Bereavement Counsellor Diploma

Grief is crippling, and this is so regardless who we have lost, whether it be human or animal. Without careful understand grief can lead to depression and overall illness. Our bond with our dogs is true and honest and it can become very difficult to come to terms with their loss. If anyone has been grieving over their dog loss and are finding it hard to understand or cope this is a extra service I can now provide and its in the strictest of confidence if necessary.

This service at present is only open to customers who have come to my kennels previously.

The course I completed included:-

  1. People and Animals.
  2. Stages of grief.
  3. Feelings and emotions.
  4. Healing.

Bach Flower Remedies Diploma

Edward Bach (1886-1936) was a medical doctor, and a homeopath. He discovered that by using flower essences we can have positive innate qualities as we move through life. He practiced in Harley Street in London. While there had patients with different personalities, and their outlook on life and although some were ill he thought it helped a lot more to treat their negative personality traits more so than the illness itself. He solved emotional states with nature and various flower essences. Using brandy or water he preserved trees and flowers. Flower essences flood you with positive qualities as the negative aspects are dissolved away. He then was able to dispense remedies of this source.

Flower essences are linked to a emotional, mental and spiritual state and work by enhancing the mind. There are 38 remedies, each able to help different negative emotions. Emotions including fear, anxiety, depression, vulnerability.

They can be used on people and animals as a alternative remedy as well as a conventional one. I have a full kit of the thirty eight remedies. If anybody is interested in knowing more about this method of helping negative conditions please contact me I would be pleased to chat.

Understanding Canine Anxiety Diploma

Anxiety in dogs can be challenging, complex and upsetting for the owner.

Modules studies are the following:-

Animal Emotions



  • Personality
  • Dog Perception
  • Dog BehaviourTreatment
  • Management of anxiety in dogs.

This is my 20th year in business looking after the doggies that have wanted to spend their holidays here

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